Prof. J. L. Heck


Villanova University 1983-present
Medical College of Virginia, 1980-1983
University of South Carolina, 1977-1980


Financial Management Association, 1977-present
     Vice-President, 1991-1992
Eastern Finance Association, 1977-present
     Director, 1988-1991
     Vice-President, 1991-1992
Academy of Financial Services, 1988-present
Vice-President, 1989-1991
President, 1992-1993
Financial Education Association, 2001-present
     Founding President
Academy of Business Education, 2000-present
     Founding President
Editor, Journal of Financial Education, 1985-present
Editor, Advances in Financial Education, 2003-present
Editor, Journal of Business Education, 2000-2002
Editor, Journal of Finance Literature, 2005-present
Associate Editor, Financial Services Review, 1995-present



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